Sometimes when I get tired of playing games within the mmorpg genre. Caused by the endless grinding and very repetitive gameplay. Appart from the past I have enjoyed myself a lot with the Farcry series and Dragon ball series.

After looking at my mailbox a new mail arrived today with a worthwhile offer from Games Planet.

The discount at Games Planet

These current deals are very decent discounted when it comes for paying with Amazon Pay. Since I already had balance on my Amazon Account I am definitely taking my chances on these deals.

Before I actually buy them I have taken them under the loop and found it interesting what the prices has to offer. While checking which of the games has the best experience to offer as in story line and game play and promises. For me it has always been a great experience for purchasing games from Games Planet and yet again they have some nice deals.

Let’s sum it up for a little:

When checking out with Amazon Pay for either Farcry 5, Dragon ball FighterZ. You get a 3 GBP Discount for each game which does not sound like a lot, still it is worth it since 3 games is a total of 9 GBP discount. Topping off with a 9GBP discount it makes it more valuable for purchasing these games all at once.

Before buying these games I’ve checked it out a little further by taking the games and conversion rates. Using Google for the conversion of 1 GBP into actual euros is around 1.13 euro for 1 GBP which seems quite decent. So I’ve taken the bite for taking these games under the loop before adding them to my collection.

Farcry (Pre order)

This tite has always been quite an epic shooter and certain great to buy since I’ve been playing it since the original game. Farcry 5 is currently discounted from 47 GBP to 44 GBP which is about 49.72 Euro’s for a triple A title it seems to be very decent in my view. Especially when it comes from an official distributor I found it a very nice buy for myself.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

I’ve been quite a long term fan of Dragon Ball Z Series including their RPG’s for SNES and Beat them up games. Including the console versions as for PC versions regardless I liked them all from these series. With the discount from Amazon Pay I found it suitable and responsible to add it towards my collection of games.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance is quite a new title to me and haven’t heard much about the game either. When I had a quick look on YouTube it seemed to be quite an interesting game for me to try. Which will be a total of 9 Great british pounds for me if I purchased all three games at once which I felt comfortable with.

Taking the games under the loop

Always when I tend to buy games for myself I always double check what kind of meat is in the stove. Even when it comes to triple A releases like ones, because I do not want to spend money on something I don’t like.

From the moment I started looking for video’s these game titles seem to be very initiative. And started digging for more information about these games. And I was quite pleased on reading and looking up the information.

Farcry 5 (Pre Order)

Wreaking havoc and terrorizing enemies was always a main part of this game. Apart from my last playing attempt it has been one hell of an experience which made me really look forward to it. Including the new trailer which made me really wanting to buy this game without a doubt.

Main features of this title

  • Fight against a deadly cult,
  • A world that hits back,
  • Carve your own path,
  • Dynamic Vehicles,
  • Using pets at your disposal.

Of Course you need an enemy within the game, they are an armed gang till the teeth. And may cause some epic fights in the long run and only your friends are able to help you out. Be careful when it comes taking actions because Joseph Seed will hit upon you.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Knowing that Dragon Ball Z is all about fighting and achieving higher levels of insanity. This beat them up has a lot of dynamic experience and follows up on the original series. Which is great especially they made a PC release along with it.

What I like about Dragon Ball FighterZ

Games based on Dragon Ball Z are usually plain action without too much rubbish. Including pushing yourself towards the limit in defeating your opponents.

Because that dragon ball z has always been about fighting since early 80’s and 90’s. After more than 20 to 30 years they haven’t changed the entire perspective about the games.

Fun Fact: First anime episode release was around 1986

There is not much more to say about this game except that it is worth buying. Especially when you’re a fan of beat them ups and the series and games always been a great experience to me.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

If you’re a great fan for epic storylines this is a game for you to play. This game has a great story line with a lot of victory and betrayal. When it comes to the witcher alternatives this one is clear as day one for you.


Finding games to play can be rather difficult to find, sometimes a discount or deal is something to look out for. Buying these games from Games Planet has been worth for me to have a look at and get started with. Including the fact that one of the games still has to release I am satisfied with the two other games to play.


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