During the holiday period there has been almost no blog posts online on Playnation. And we have not been sleeping during the job since we have been working together with Shenigan RO. After playing a lot on ‘inofficial’ servers. So far I have never seen an Ragnarok Server that refuses to accept donations at all times..

Shenigan RO

Shenigan RO is an emulated midrate server of the game Ragnarok Online, in other words it is a private server. There is something special about this server which almost no other server has. Unlike other servers Shenigan RO does not accept any kind of donations at all. And yet this server almost has it all with dungeons, instances and quests.

A server that is active and refuses donations

When playing on Shenigan RO there is no reason to donate at all because you won’t receive anything in return. The active maintainers of the server refuses to make money off the Emulated server and yet own a lot of content.


Shenigan RO owns almost all the playable instances like the actual live servers. This is one of the most extraordanary facts that are out there about this server. When it comes to instances a lot of them are usually missing on other servers. Unlike on the Shenigan RO Server it has almost all instances available and custom ones.

It does not ends here since there are also custom instances added to the server to keep people bussy for a long time. Because there is heaps to explore on this server there are also several custom quest lines added. Where players can achieve extra content by spending time with it.

Content till you drop

Because Shenigan RO owns almost all the instances, dungeons and custom quests. There there is always something to do, dynamic events and quests that are available at the server. Which makes it a lot more fun to play on the server. Because of all the content there is definitely a reason to stay playing on the server for a long wile.

Shenigan RO Beta releasing soon!

Despite that the server is not public yet they will release very soon there wile be an open beta very soon. Which is actually planned within this very own weekend. Because they are currently pushing hard on polishing the last bits of the server.

As of the open beta there should be no included wipes and there will be further polishing going on. Which is a good thing because there is no reason to worry about getting your progression removed. Because the server will be and remain persistent. You can already sign up at their website for your account while waiting for the client!

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