Black desert online is a mmorpg from korea with a very unique system to gain your levels and gear within the game. In comparison with other mmorpg titles throughout the world. Including it has different methods of getting high tier equipment.

A unique MMORPG with a twist

When playing black desert online almost everyone makes the same mistake. Because this mmorpg has a very unique twist for almost every mechanic.

Including the fact that this game looks and feels pretty much the same. You should wary yourself that you will make the same mistakes like I did in the past.

Despite that the endgame of black desert online is pure related to luck in random number gaming (RNG). There is a lot to discover and to do within this precious world to keep yourself entertained.

Leveling system of Black Desert

There are several ways of leveling your character within Black Desert Online. Despite that there are a lot of methods and ways for it the initial character you are making should do quests. Despite that you still can grind your way to max level, this is not the way for your first character.

When leveling your first character you have to gain contribution points and energy. Both of these together will have a great impact to you into the game later on. It will be your income to spend and it will also be your amount of activity you can do.

Contribution points and energy are obtainable by talking to npc’s and doing quests. This will have a heavy impact towards your future steps (and fun) within the game.

Black Desert Online 2

Leveling your character is quite fast and is definitely not something to worry about. The most time consuming part of this will be walking around and chatting with npc’s.

Which may sound boring but storyline wise it is great to know what goes around in the world. Since you will get some more inner knowledge about the virtual world you are living in.

Once your first character has reached the max level within the game. The simplest thing that remains is grinding up your (new) characters within a day to their max levels.

Nodes, Contribution and Energy

These three are rather important for your passive income within the game. Since the more nodes you can take the more in game money you will receive. Rather than farming it yourself all the time will result into burning you out of the game.

There are various of YouTube videos covering the mechanics and how to use them. Also keep in mind that you will have to spend it at all times.

One of the best videos about starting your business for Black Desert Online is the one bellow.

Enchanting your gear within black desert

Before we’re actually talking about gathering your gear together for your character. There are several things you would need to know about enchanting your gear first.

Upgrading your gear comes with a hefty fine most of the times. You can enchant your weapons to +7 without any failure. And armor up till +5 that brings a lot of comfort for most players.

For each tier higher than that you need to be wary about the failstack mechanics within the game. Because the black spirit will definitely not go easy on you when it comes to higher upgrades than +7 or +5.

Failstacking your enchants

Enchanting is very important since they give you a lot more attack power and defense. That will help you out regardless of any situation when it comes to black desert online. I’ve been reading hundreds of guides and the two that worked for me was this detailed guide and this Reddit post.

Gathering your gear for your character

Having good gear is always important even when it comes to leveling. At some point you will need to upgrade the gear that you are wearing from day one.

Thanks to the enchanting mechanics you can use your item sets without a problem. Even for doing world bosses if you got the right sets for your class. Which is most of the time either Grunil or a different set of your choice.

Before obtaining and using these sets it is very important to read which stats they are good for. Which divides into two groups for melee or ranged / casters.

These are very specific I would suggest reading a guide for the class you want to play before starting. Otherwise you will spend a lot of valuable silver for something you will have to sell cheaper again.


When playing it the first time and about to start doing content within the game. You should read up about it first as in guides and gain more knowledge about it first.

There is plenty of information about the game at black desert foundry community. Regardless of the amount of information it is important to pick and choose which ones suit you the best.

If you prefer a PDF version to read up offline is possible too and carry it as a digital bible for yourself. The black desert bible is resourceful and there is even an official forum topic about it.

The black desert bible is something to always keep in your pocket as a newbie or a bitter vett.

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