After seven years of war in Syria Unicef France has launched a campaign and started asking help from gamers. By mining crypto currencies they want to raise funds through gamers for children in Syria. The campaign of Unicef has been named under the flag of game chainger with capital letters.

Waiving with the flag on asking for help in a very modern way of raising funds for supporting children in Syria. Rather asking for directly for money through advertising to people world wide to raise funds, gamers can now support with mining and support them through a less aggressive way.


People may find it quite scary to start mining cryptocurrencies in general. Because of the fact a lot of people have not involved themselves with as of today or in the near future. For the reason that it is associated with criminal activity and gambling because of market corrections all the time. Despite that the market is quite volatile this is rather a great approach on helping out children in Syria through and by gamers.

Becoming a game chainger is rather easier than you might have thought. Unicef has made it simple as it can get for everyone, which is a literal download and run the software. And you are contributing towards children in Syria and participating the game chaingers campaign.

Contributing towards something like this is something important us in our own future as of today. It will change our ways of contributing and donating to good causes and pull other campaigns more passive towards us than aggressive advertising. As of a result that charity and donation programs may change their course towards cryptocurrencies instead of advertising and stalking you everywhere (even at your door).

Honorable mentions

Several honorable mentions for gaming and cryptocurrencies that are definitely worth mentioning. When owning cryptocurrencies yourself it allows you to buy games at quite some vendors online. Including Gamesplanet and various of others.

Including live streamers are adopting ways of accepting and working with cryptocurrencies themselves. With a honorable mention of Markee Dragon joining into the adventure with a 30 day challenge and successfully have made some money with it.

Another honorable mention would be an alternative for displaying advertisements on your website. Through moonify you can remove your advertisements and let people mine cryptocurrencies on your very own website. Which is simple as embedding a piece of Javascript code like google analytics into your webpage and you’re all set.


Despite that cryptocurrencies are adoptable and has a lot of uses in the digital as real life world. Cryptocurrencies can now become a real game chainger for Syrian Children rather then donating money towards charity directly. This includes being able to buy video games ourselves by leaving our machines running and mining on a mining pool.

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